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Hi, I’m Paul Doherty and I’m here today to show you how you can enjoy an extra £2,300 in your bank account every single week for almost no work whatsoever.

The secret?

Horse Racing.

Perhaps you’re a seasoned punter, or perhaps you’re completely new to betting. Well whatever your background or level of experience, The Bet Specialists are the experts you need if you want to bleed the bookies dry this year.

Where other tipsters might send you the odd winning bet here or there, our model is CONSISTENCY because we want betting to be a regular income that you can rely on to pay your bills and enjoy your life.

So forget about living from one win to the next with fifteen losers inbetween because from today you’re working with a team of betting professionals who NEVER have a losing week.

And when you’re banking more than £10,000 every single month from horse racing, your whole life will drastically change for the better.

From today, early mornings and rush hour traffic are a thing of the past.

And that’s because when you join The Bet Specialists, you’ll receive winning race selections to your inbox each and every morning!

Then, all you have to do is get those bets on and you’ll be making just as much money as we are!
Dave Grey, Halifax.
“I’d given up on tipsters a long time ago but these guys seemed as though they brought something new to the table. So, I went with my gut and gave The Bet Specialists a shot and boy was that a great decision! I’ve been betting with their tips for just over four months and in that time I’ve made more than £42,000. Their picks are sensational!”
Carrie Moore, Bournemouth.
“Their motto is ‘never a losing week’ and honestly I was dubious at first as I’d heard that line before! But these lads live up to their word. I’m now at the end of week 27 and my bank balance has never looked healthier. No more pay-day loans for me!”
Johnny Dillon, Bath.
“Wowsers! £22,000 in just 8 weeks and more winning bets every day! This is the tipping service I’ve been hoping to find for years. The Bet Specialists team are incredibly professional, helpful and never let me down. Thanks for everything”

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And with our fantastic picks you can work from anywhere. Make money on the train, the café or while you’re still tucked up in bed.

Welcome to the world of remote work – where you make a fortune without hardly lifting a finger.

And what makes our selections so incredibly accurate is that we are a team of betting experts with a collective 140+ years of experience in beating the bookies.

Meet the Team

John Forman

John has been an avid punter for more than four decades and over the years he's refined his technique time and time again and is now one of the most skillful and successful punters I know.

Don Green

Don is a former stable owner with more than thirty years of experience under his belt. He’s been to every race track in the country more times than I can count and has made a full time income from betting since the 1990s.

Paresh Singh

Parish was the manager of a successful bookies in East London for eight years before quitting to bet full time. He's seen how things work from the other side and brings a lot of useful insight to the team.

Callum Nole

Callum is familiar with all types of online gambling from football betting to blackjack and from boxing to poker, but his greatest passion has always been horseracing. Callum has an unbelievable mind for numbers and really knows how to play the odds.

Jess Hart

Jess is the daughter of a now retired jokey and she spent most of her youth at horse racing events. Today she maintains several strong relationships with big names in the business and provides the teams with a lot of useful insider info.

Paul Doherty

The Bet Specialists' Founder.

Lastly there's me, Paul. I am the founder of The Bet Specialists and I am the person who brought this formidable team together.

I’d always had a love of horse racing. When I was a teenager I’d go to my bookies with my dad and placing a wager always made the race so much more exciting – especially as my dad would let me chose the horse!

In 2011, I created an online form for fellow lovers of horse racing, where fans and punters could share race info, industry news and race tips.

Over the years the popularity of my form grew and we went from two dozen members to several hundred members to more than one thousand!

But while members would come and go there were certain names that I saw over and over again, month after month, year after year. Eventually we formed somewhat of an inner circle and each made a lot of money from doing so.

Every week with our shared race tips we were taking home hundreds of pounds from the bookies. And the more time that past, the bigger our profits became.

Then one day I had the idea of taking our small group of hobbyists and making something more formal.

… And that was the beginning of The Bet Specialists.

Today we and every one of our members each make more than £10,000 per month from horse racing.

And because of our combined talent and collective experience, our wins are consistent so you’ll never have a losing week.

And now, for a limited time only, we’re opening our doors to just 30 new members. So if you’d like to join us I suggest you click sign up on this page right now as those spaces will sell out quickly.

To join The Bet Specialists you’re required to make only a one-time payment of £29.99 and then you’ll be a life-long member.

Pay just once and receive daily winning tips to your inbox for years to come.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

And as we’re working with trusted internet retailer ClickBank, your payment will be protected by a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. So if our tips aren’t living up to our promises then we’ll give you a quick and easy refund.

This is your opportunity to finally make some big money from betting.

Forget those small sporadic wins and losing months because today you join the team that never loses.

All that’s left for you to do now is to click Sign Up on this page and then we can start making some serious cash.

Don’t put this off for a second longer. Sign up on this page now for daily horse racing tips that will change your life.

I look forward to working with you,

Paul Doherty

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Get The Bet Specialists Access
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